About Kyushu

Kyushu is one of the islands that make up the Japanese archipelago alongside Hokkaido, Honshu and Shikoku, located in the southwestern part. In this, it is the third size.

The transition of Kyushu

In ancient times Kyushu was called Tsukushi no Shima. * Current Chikushi is read as a dick

Tsukushi no shima Island was divided into the following four categories.
Chikushi country (present Kyushu northern part)
Fertilizing country (present Kyushu Chubu)
Toyokuni (present Kyushu eastern part)
Kumagusuku (current Kyushu southern part)

When it was introduced in the 7th century, the Yamato administration adopted the rule set, it was divided into nine as follows.
Chikuzen country / Current Fukuoka prefecture northwestern part
Chikugo country / Current Fukuoka prefecture southwestern part

Hizen country / Current Saga prefecture, Nagasaki prefecture except Iki · Tsushima
Higo country / Currently almost Kumamoto prefecture

Buzen coutry / Eastern half of Fukuoka prefecture and northern Oita prefecture

Bungo coutry / Most part of Oita prefecture currently in Bungoe

Hyuga country / Current Miyazaki Prefecture
Osumi country / Current Kagoshima prefecture eastern part
Satsuma country / Current West Kagoshima prefecture

Generally, the generic name of these nine countries is “Kyushu”.

Current Kyushu

Currently, Kyushu has the following seven prefectures.

Fukuoka Prefecture
Saga Prefecture
Nagasaki Prefecture
Kumamoto Prefecture
Oita Prefecture
Miyazaki Prefecture
Kagoshima prefecture

And in Kyushu Japan we plan to deal with the Kyushu Okinawa region including Okinawa.


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